Czech band AAEN ANIMA has been founded in 2002. From album to album AA creates always new musical forms. Its recordings through time could be inaccurately defined by forthcoming keywords: progressive doom and brutal subfolk/jazz fusion, avant-garde with clarinet, electronica with mandoline, raw black thrash death core and mainly instrumental avant-garde/progressive. No live or electronic drums have been used ever.

Official Works

Aaenic Poems (demo), EP, 2002

Aaenic Poems, EP, 2003

Carnival Ceremony In Concert (live), EP, 2003

Aniline Harp, CD, 2003

Madhin / Křídla Propasti Světa, EP, 2003

Another Brick In The Fall, EP, 2004

Nadvzdušná Květina / Ethereal Flower, EP single, 2005

Sebepochodeň / Selftorch, EP, 2006

Aaen Anima 2, CD, 2008 (since 2009 as 2-EP)
Compilations and Collections

Madhin / enhanced version,CD, 2004

Works I / Works II (includes albums from 2003 - 2004 and live Carnival Ceremony In Concert), 2CD, 2004

Compilation Strike Records 01 (track Ehtel from CD Aniline Harp), 2004

A compilation released for 10th Anniversary od festival Fest 26 (tracks 1-4 from EP Madhin / Křídla Propasti Světa), 2004
..... and now working on a new EP “ze dne na den Krása“

" History

2 0 0 2

     Aaen Anima has been found on 25th April 2002 in line-up Aaen (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Theres (vocals, acoustic guitar, afterwards plus using anthara - the Pan´s flute).
     Style of this era was something like acoustic avantgarde with influences of gothic and doom metal. Theres has left the band in August.

     A new member, Ismia (alto flute, afterwards plus tambourine, triangle etc.), is coming in September. Contrabassist Funeral is in the line-up for awhile and afterwards becomes a man for transporting AA to a concerts.
   In this time Aaen begins to use electric guitar in this project. Bassguitarist Walis follows band in the beginning of November. Aaen Anima´s compositions are not changed in this line-up, but they are harder because of electric guitar, no female vocal and bass guitar. By time Aaen Anima takes more colours of long perverse improvisations and parts of scattered composition. The first (unofficial) version of EP „Aaenic Poems“ is done on 13th December with the friend contrabassist Funeral as a guest in song „Elven Mirror“.


the first line-up of Aaen Anima – Aaen and Theres playing in Prague´s underground club Utopia

“baptizing“ of the first Aaen Anima mp3 on a live concert in Utopia; interesting rainbow effect on this photo – just optical deception?

contrabassist Funeral

Ismia (alto flute)

bassguitarist Walis

2 0 0 3

     Keyboardist Jari, ex-Inmemorial, ex-Tenebria (bands from Peru) got to band aproximately in February. Afterwards some his keyboard parts are added to „Aaenic Poems“. Mastering of this EP is a little changed too. Because of this all is arising an official version of „Aaenic Poems“.

     Walis interrupted cooperation with the band in May. Aaen Anima begins to record CD „Aniline Harp“ in July. A.A. takes a new member, Ascela (bass) in September. „Aniline Harp“ is done in the end of October.

     After is finished up CD „Carnival Ceremony In Concert“ – live from Prague´s club Mlejn in April. This liveCD has today two versions: Unofficial, that contains lots of live songs from Aaenic Poems and Aniline Harp plus one bonus and official, that contains four tracks.

     In the beginning of November A.A. begins to work on a new songs for prepared CD „Madhin / Křídla Propasti Světa“ and takes a new member Zirkon (clarinet). Ismia left the band in the end of November.

     A new album „Madhin / Křídla Propasti Světa“ was created in 20th-21th December.

  keyboardist Jari, Ismia, Aaen

bassguitarist Ascela


2 0 0 4

     In March 2004 was released the compilation „Strike records 01“ containing A.A. song  Ehtel taken from album „Aniline Harp“. In the same month was created limited version of Madhin CD, named „Madhin / enhanced version“ (contains songs from history of A.A. and including some new remastered songs from live-CD „Carnival Ceremony In Concert“) .

     August – released album „Another Brick In The Fall“. September – participation on Fest 26 compilation CD. October – released 2-CD „Works I / Works II“ including all official tasks of A.A. until 2004, end of October keyboardist Jari oficially ends his membership in A.A. because of absence of a free time. November - Aaen experiments with founding a new (solo) project ´Aniline´.


2 0 0 5

     August - project ´Aniline´ has not been realized, Aaen have been decided for creating new A.A. album just by himself.

     16th August – after aproximately fifteen months of work is ended next A.A. album „Nadvzdušná Květina / Ethereal Flower“ in line-up Aaen - vocals, mandolin, bass guitar, programming, 2.05 min playing time, 1 track. 


2 0 0 6  
    Found live demotape from 2002. Maybe it will be remastered and digitalized to a rare CD sometimes. A new member Saaashky (vocals, guitar). Released album „Sebepochodeň / Selftorch“ in line-up Aaen / Saaashky.

Saashky (guitar, violin)

2 0 0 7

     2007 or 2008 clarinetist Zirkon has left the band, lack of free time. He will probably not work on a new tracks, but live playing together is possible and welcomed.


2 0 0 8

    19th - 20th December finished new album „Aaen Anima 2“ in line-up Aaen / Saashky.

2 0 0 9
   New album „Aaen Anima 2“ now released as 2-EP (EP1: Pýcha a Svéhlavost; EP2: nikdy nepředcházejí pád).
     Working on a new EP „ze dne na den Krása“ in line-up Aaen / Saaashky.....

forthcoming EP

Aaen – live at Fest 26, (c) Aldoril

Saaashky –
live, (c) Aldoril

Saaashky – live violin and guitar, (c) Aldoril

my ancient life in Egypt, (c) Aldoril


´baptizing´ eighth EP „Aaen Anima 2“ by Funeral

" line-up

actual line-up:
Aaen - vocals, electric guitar, bass
Saaashky  - guitar, violin

Aaen Anima 2, 2-EP, 2008

Aaen - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar

Saaashky - acoustic guitar, violin


Sebepochodeň / Selftorch, EP, 2006

Aaen - vocals, guitar, bass, programming

Saaashky - vocals, guitar


Nadvzdušná Květina / Ethereal Flower, EP single, 2005

Aaen - vocals, mandolin, bass, programming


Another Brick In The Fall, EP, 2004

Aaen - vocals, guitar, bass

Ascela - bass

Zirkon - clarinet

*fifth track was made in 2002, Aaen - Ismia - Walis


Madhin / Křídla Propasti Světa, EP, 2003

Aaen - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar

Ascela - bass

Zirkon - clarinet


Aniline Harp, CD, 2003

Aaen - vocals, guitar, harmonium etc.

Ascela - bass, recitation

Ismia - flute

Jari - keyboard, djembe


Carnival Ceremony In Concert (live) EP, 2003

Aaen - vocals, guitar

Ismia - flute, timbrel, triangle

Walis - bass

Jari - keyboard, backing vocal on „Ehtel“


Aaenic Poems, EP, 2003

Aaen - vocals, guitar, cedar drum

Ismia - flute

Walis - bass

Jari - keyboard

(guest musician: Funeral – contrabass on „Elven Mirror“)


Aaenic Poems (demo), EP, 2002

Aaen - vocals, guitar, cedar drum

Ismia - flute

Walis - bass

(guest musician: Funeral – contrabass on „Elven Mirror“)

" live

23. července 2010
klub Wakata, Praha
Aaen – Saaashky + Selector Moog

8. dubna 2010
Aaen – Saaashky
+ Selector Moog
Kavárna Kafí, Praha

2. března 2010, Café na půl cesty, Praha
Aaen – Saaashky + Selector Moog

6. června 2009, Titty Twister, Praha-Horoměřice
Aaen – Saaashky
Dub Electronica vs. Live Avantgarde
Aaen Anima, Selector Moog

Jarní rovnodennost 20. března 2009
Aaen – Saaashky
koncert | křest sedmé řadové desky, 2-EP „Aaen Anima 2“
Fest 26, Praha - Dolní Počernice

18. srpna 2006, Praha - Cholupice
Aaen - Ascela - Zirkon
Cholupický happening 2006

9. září 2005, Praha - Dolní Počernice
Aaen - Zirkon
Fest 26 XII (Kledufest)

20. dubna 2005, hospoda Zahrada, Praha
Aaen - Ascela - Zirkon
Aaen Anima, Kočkolit, Tlaky do uší

10. prosince 2004, klub U Sama, Černošice - Mokropsy
Aaen - Zirkon, hosté: Marek (klarinet, bicí), Mario (bicí)
Aaen Anima, Kočkolit, jam session

6. října 2004, cca 21.00, klub Fresh, Praha
Aaen - Ascela, hosté: Marek (klarinet), Detail (bicí)
Aaen Anima, Kočkolit, Tlaky do uší

4. září 2004, Praha - Dolní Počernice
Aaen - Ascela - Zirkon
Fest 26 (Decifest)

5. června 2004, 19.00, Ocelová koule, Praha - Běchovice
Aaen - Ascela - Zirkon                                                                                                                                
Aaen Anima, Euforie, Deformity Dreams

6. září 2003, 16.20, Praha – Dolní Počernice
Aaen - Ismia
Fest 26 (Ryba)

29. srpna 2003, Simply club, Příbram 
Aaen - Ismia
Summer Dying Fast / Fest vol. I
Aaen Anima, Elyseum, Evlin, Bikkiny Shop

3. června 2003, 19.00, klub Klamovka, Praha
Aaen - Jari
Klamovka Fest

1. června 2003, 17.57, Praha 
Aaen - Ismia - Jari
Šlechtovka Fest (Stock)
Aaen Anima, F!L!P Novák, My3Těleso, ..

21. května 2003, 17.00, Salmovská kavárna, Praha
Aaen (unplugged, bez dalších členů kapely, spojeno s čtením básní z tehdy aktuální sbírky Suteh.. Ars.. Illusions..)
Aaen Anima, Martin Hejnák, Filip Novák

11. května 2003, 17.00, Jazz klub Železná, Praha 
Aaen (unplugged, bez dalších členů kapely)
Aaen Anima, Lucien Zell, ..

3. května 2003, 19.00, Utopia, Praha
Aaen - Jari - Ismia – Walis, host: Frodo (trubka)
Aaen Anima, Martin Hejnák

13. dubna 2003, 19.00, Mlejn, Praha (nahráno live CD Carnival Ceremony In Concert) 
Aaen - Jari - Ismia - Walis
Aaen Anima, Martin Hejnák, Comedy And Beat

18. května 2002, 20.30, Utopia, Praha 
Aaen - Theres
Aaen Anima

4. května 2002, 20.59, Utopia, Praha
Aaen - Theres
Aaen Anima